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Publication date: 5th June, 2012

Body Back. The mother's handbook to medical, physical and emotional well-being. By Heather Porter

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About Heather

Mother of four, Heather Porter shares her hands-on experience of getting your old self back. With her team of experts, she provides an understanding approach and addresses all the issues you wanted to know about but were too afraid to ask.


Tried & Tested

I have always been interested in health and beauty, hence why I have written BODY BACK.

For years I have kept notes and comments on products I have liked, found worked (and still use) or have been a total waste of time and money! I am continually searching for medical and alternative health cures, nutritious secrets, clothes that compliment the figure, and of course the anti-aging miracle.

Welcome to TRIED & TESTED


Mineral Body Lotion by Ahaha (5/5)

My Mother bought this for me and although it could be used as a body lotion, I love it as a hand cream. I use it every night and it lives on my bedside table (until it runs out).


Pore Refining Solutions correcting serum, Clinique (1/5)

This had no effect whatsoever, in fact it was more like a primer so it looks like the pores are smoothed immediately after application but that was it.


Cellular Softening & Balancing Lotion by La Prairie (3/5)

The scent of this is heavenly and it is a pretty pink tonic colour in a solid glass bottle. The look works and the toner is refreshing. It needs to be used with cotton wool and I actually prefer toning sprays. They add more hydration.


Gaylia Kristensen Heaven Hydrating Facial Mist (3/5)

The packaging is smart and this mist is in a silver canister with pump top, simple design and elegant to keep by the sink.


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Gaylia Kristensen White Magic Anti-aging Brightening Serum (2/5)

This is an Australian brand and I found it in Sydney, it seems to be popular in some of the spas so I tried a couple of products within the range. This serum did not impress me particularly.


Mavala Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover (1/5)

So mild it didn’t really take off the nail polish effectively without really soaking the cotton wool and pushing quite hard on the nail.


Brazilian Propolis Mist, Epicuren (3/5)

This is a refreshing toning spray from this natural Californian brand. For all skin types, it is perfect to use after cleansing to close the pores before moisturising. Keep your eyes tightly shut as this mist can sting a little otherwise.The propolis ingredient gives this product an acquired scent, not everyone will take to the smell.


P20, Riemann Spf 30 (5/5)

This range of sun products is becoming increasingly popular, despite being around since 1979 (in fact the packaging does look rather 70s). I was recommended to try it by a friend who adores it. She was right...


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Moisture Extreme Conditioner, Philip Kingsley (5/5)

This delicately scented product is appropriate for porous, tight curls, ethnic textured hair and chemically processed hair. Any hair that needs tlc and extra moisture will benefit from the ingredients which include sweet almond oil, glycerin, babassu oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil.


Hydralia, Yonka (5/5)

Another great ’serum' by Yonka, this one replaces the dermal range. I used Dermol 2 all the time and was disappointed that they stopped making it, however Hydralia is almost identical. It is described by Yonka as a concentrate rather than a serum but it would be used at the same time, under moisturiser as a good first base on a freshly toned face.


Amber & Lavender Body Crème, Jo Malone (4/5)

This would make a lovely gift for a friend or relation, it is a decent sized glass jar (175ml) and lasts for a long time. The cream kept its scent despite being open for a long time.


Designer Lift foundation, Giorgio Armani (5/5)

This was highly recommended to me, so I tried it and have been really pleased with the result. This foundation gives good cover and includes an SPF20 too.


KNOW! Body Wash (5/5)

This is a new line called KNOW hair & Body products, manufactured in California. The NO in the title is a great way of advertising the fact that there are NO nasties in these ingredients. They are safe products. The NO list is most impressive, no: DEAs, Formaldehyde, Glycols, Parabens, PEGs, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Silicones, Sulfates, Synthetic colors, Synthetic fragrance TEAs. Yet it doesn’t smell like dishwater despite no fragrance additives. The light lemon scented body wash is made up of lovely natural ingredients including rose, evening primrose, citrus, grapefruit and orange.


Purely Age-Defying Ultra Rich Cleanser, Jurlique (2/5)

I think I shall leave this brand alone now, I have tried several of their products and do not want my column to be too full of negative comments! This thick creamy cleanser did not have the same absorption rate as other cleansers, it seemed to sit on the skin and clean the top layer only.


Purely Age-Defying Facial Serum, Jurlique (1/5)

This facial serum was a real disappointment. It streaks on the face and has to soak in or be gently rubbed until dissolved and felt too heavy for a serum. I continued to use it until it had finished but my face was not bright during this process. It felt ‘cloudy’. As the product took longer to soak in, I couldn’t use moisturiser immediately which did not help my morning rush.


Protein Mist Enzyme Toner, Epicuren 3/5

Epicuren is a Californian range initially set up to help patients who suffered skin burns and other issues. It is natural and delicate. Some of the products I really like and others not so, but that is the same with most ranges I am too particular. However I do like this protein mist, it is my equal favourite with rose geranium mist out of the Epicuren toning sprays.


Lip Liner Pencil and Cartridge, Cle de Peau (4/5)

I love lip liners and eye liners that do not need pencil sharpeners. I love the mess-free-ness of it all. This lip liner is slick and elegant in the make up bag and you simply twist the end like a pen to extend the tip. The great bonus of this liner is that you can buy refils of the pencil only, which saves you money.


Oud Wood Eau de Parfum, Tom Ford (5/5)

After Gucci stopped producing ‘Envy’, one of my favourite male scents, I have since searched for a similar eau de parfum for men.


Protect & Perfect Hand Cream SPF15, Boots No 7 (4/5)

This is a low cost, good value, hypo-allergenic hand cream. I kept the easy-to-use tube by my bed and coated my hands at night. It soaked into the skin leaving my hands feeling truly nourished.


Gel Eclat, Lancome (1/5)

I was disappointed with this product, I needed a new foaming cleanser and thought I could rely on the Lancome brand. The product was so thick it was a challenge to squeeze it out of the tube. Once half way through it took far too much effort in the mornings!


Purely Age Defying Mist, Jurlique (2/5)

Jurlique was recommended to me by a nutritionist because it is a natural skin care line and therefore safe through pregnancy. The mist is refreshing but I found the spray too directional. It was not a mist it came too strong. I therefore poured it into my favourite mist bottle (once empty) but the spray still came out like a jet rather than a mist. This indicates it is the consistency of the liquid that is just not quite fine enough.


Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover, Eucerin (1/5)

I bought this to try because it is lower in cost than the ‘designer’ brands and seemed good value. The fluid sort of separates and needs a good shake before use.


Gentle Shower and Bath Scrub Lavender & Tangerine, Pure Plant Spa (1/5)

Their statement is ‘ingredients matter’ and the product is free from petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives or parabens. Which sounds super natural. However the word ‘gentle’ in the title is somewhat an understatement.


Bioderma Cicabio Crème (3/5)

This is a soothing repairing cream for irritated and damaged skin. Used by dermatologists, often for patients who have had a dermabrasion, laser treatment or similar. It is supposed to help restore the epidermis. It is a hypoallergenic, clinically smelling cream (no fragrance added which is a good thing) and goes on smoothly. I did find that it was calming for the skin and softening, it may have accelerated healing, but that is always difficult to test unless you leave a patch naked from the cream.


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Satsuma Body Butter, The Body Shop (4/5)

The Body Shop can always be relied upon to provide good quality products at a value for money price. The body products are especially nice and good for gifts. The Satsuma body butter is in a small tub with a twist top. I like the fact it is not a huge tub just 48g so you are going to use it up before it gets old or forgotten. It smells exactly as its name suggests, a light sweet orange scent which only wouldn't work if you don't like the smell of anything orange.


Multi Defense Daily Moisturiser SPF42, Positively Ageless, Aveeno 5/5

This range is great. Cost effective, bought from drugstores across the USA. Nice packaging it doesn't look cheap even through it is good value for money. I saw this recommended in a magazine and tried it myself.


Night Health bedtime spray, Dr Andrew Weil for Origins (2/5)

I never find the bed time sprays that effective. This one is in the medium price range and a reputable brand. The ingredients are a mixture of oils including lavender, mandarin orange and chamomile.


Repairing Oil, L'Occitane (4/5)

This oil is recommended to help repair split ends and damaged hair. This can be used on dry hair to soak in and repair or to protect from sun damage during the day. It is not too thick and not too sticky, but it does remain on the hair through the first couple of washes. I used it at night on my ends and a small patch on the scalp to see how it nourished overnight.


Arnica Cooling Gel, Arnicare by Nelsons (5/5)

This is perfect for little bruised knees and heads and any other part of the anatomy children seem to test. Also for adults, after any knock if no blood is drawn and it is just a bruise then gently coat the area with this gel.


Parodontax, toothpaste (3/5)

The colour of this may put you off straight away, it is sludgy muddy brown gel. However the ingredients are active and healthy; mineral salts, natural herb extracts, peppermint, sage, echinacea, camomile and more.


Coco parfum, Chanel 7.5ml refillable spray (5/5)

Mme Gabrielle Chanel's nickname, Coco was first launched in 1984, with supermodel Ines de la Fressange as the face of Coco Chanel. As pure as it comes, this is a concentrated hand bag size cask of perfume. Coco is an acquired scent, but I love it.


Aromatic Shower & Bath oil, Cinq Mondes (5/5)

One of my favourite shower products. Here is a perfect marriage between an oil and a shower gel. It is oily on contact, but amazingly still creates a luxurious creamy lather. There is a range of different scents and one is often drawn simply to which colour you like the best.


Advanced Protective Shield Moisturiser SPF40, Trish McEvoy (2/5)

This may be a UVA/UVB oil-free sunscreen moisturiser from a top make up brand, but it is far too runny in consistency to be a permanent occupier of space in my bathroom cabinet. I will not be replenishing this stock!


Sea Island Cotton Hand Wash, Bath & Body Works (5/5)

This product has a light delicate scent of fresh linen hanging out in a sea breeze, sounds corny but its true! The title is accurately descriptive. The wash is a clear liquid that gently foams.


Scrub your nose in it, Soap & Glory (2/5)

This range in Boots is affordable and well designed. I like the 1940s style packaging and quirky names. There are other products within this brand that I rate more highly than this one.


Masque Reparateur, Rene FURTERER (4/5)

A good hair mask, for after sun , swimming or just as a conditioning boost in general. The bright yellow pot is easier to use than the tubes of conditioners on the market and compliments the colour of the product (a pale yellow).


Superfine Hair Spray, ORIBE (5/5)

This is a great hairspray, it holds without glueing and it's delicate mist has a lovely scent. Popular in the states, I wish it was more available in Europe because the range is good.


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Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Lierac (1/5)

This is a gel, I bought it by mistake because I love their liquid eye make up remover. I was a bit disappointed that I had bought the wrong item and I didn't see the 'soothing floral gelee' on the front.


Boob Tube Bust and Neck Firmer, Mama Mio (3/5)

Creams that promise bust lifting have to live up to big statements so I am always reticent at trying them. This white cream comes out of its pump top thickly, but feels mousse-like without the fluff, hard to describe but the texture is lovely.


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Skin Tight Toning Serum, Mama Mio (5/5)

I love Mama Mio's quirky slogans the brand feels exactly what us women think and need. 'Think juicy grape not wrinkly raisin'! This lift,tighten and tone lightweight gel is easily applied but does leave a fine serum on the skin. This does give the appearance of a smoother texture on the skin so I have used the product on a regular basis to test whether it is just a visual improvement when the serum is actually on the skin, or a lasting one when it is washed off.


ESPA Lift & Firm Moisturiser (2/5)

I like the ESPA brand and some of their products are superb. ESPAs body care and body oil ranges are what they are famous for. Skin care I still haven't found a 5 * product. This is an average facial moisturiser but expensive so not really worth the money, I feel.


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Nail Polish (3/5)

A relatively good top coat, it does the job of protecting and prolonging the colour beneath it, but I find that if it is put on too thickly it bubbles. Also if it is shaken (as some manicurists do before use, why???) it has more bubbles. These are seen by the delicate eye when it has dried...


Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo (1/5)

Repair is mentioned twice on the front of the bottle, but I didn't find it effective at all. It didn't repair or condition my hair. My hair felt quite dry after using this shampoo, which I paired with the conditioner from the same family. The product is sulphate, phosphate and paraben free, which is a beneficial point, however the list of other chemicals on the back is a long one...


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Wet 'n' Wild Nail Polish in Refresh Mint (4/5)

Fun colour tiffany-like layered on well bright complete cover after two coats.third day not chipping but starting to fade and go matt so I think just for a particular day or night out this line is great. Low cost from drugstores.


Nutri-Protect Mains by Yonka (4/5)

This is a new hand cream and really rather nice. It is a non-oily formula which absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Ingredients include shea butter and grape seed oil with vitamins A, C and E. Essential oils including mandarin and magnolia are nourishing and give a delicate scent.


Madagascar Candle by Archipelago Botanicals (4/5)

A '60 hour' candle and it did approximately burn for about that; 20 evenings, 3 hours a go. The scent of white orchid, vanilla, freesia and jasmine stayed strong right until the end, which is a sign of a good candle.


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Colostrum Hydrating Mist by Epicuren (1/5)

I thought I would try this toning mist because I was told it was really refreshing and replenishing for the skin. I can't say I noticed an improvement above any of the other toning products I have tried, nor was it particularly pleasant to use.


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Hawaiian Mask by Nohea Natural (5/5)

This product is absolutely superb. After the very first time I tried it I saw an improvement in my skin tone. I used it for a second time just two days later and my face look so fresh and glowing, and more youthful. There is magic in this face mask. The ingredient is 100% pure Hawaiian Arabica Berry Extract (coffee arabica) and is made in Hawaii at it's source. The mask improves skin tone and texture, also healing the skin at the same time. This is such a boost for the skin, I have never seen such a beneficial result from any other mask to date.


Powder Room Remover Collection, nail polish remover by Butter (5/5)

This is the nicest smelling nail polish remover, powder room is scented like baby powder and is acetone-free.


O.Mega Super-Rich Body Cream by Mama Mio (5/5)

The tag line on this large bright tube is ZAP SUPER-DRY SKIN and it caught my eye so I thought I would try it. I have been exercising a lot this week and layered this cream on after my shower. I swim daily so my skin really needs nourishing after all that chlorine etc. This cream is slightly thicker than the average moisturiser but not so thick it feels like an emollient. It has a fresh lemon smell to me, which is funny because lemon is not an ingredient! But the contents are a good well considered list; aloe, avocado, rose hip, evening primrose and sweet almond to name but a few.


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Clean Slate, cleanser by Mama Mio (4/5)

This is a gentle foaming cleanser rich in aloe, omega 3,6,9 and probiotics. A healthy boost albeit a face wash not a moisturiser, but great the fact that it is moisturising too.


Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment, The Body Shop (3/5)

This is a nice hand cream, the vitamin E content provides healthy moisturizing for the skin. The Shea butter may be the ingredient that makes this cream a bit too greasy for my liking.


Graceful Hands Delight, Reverence de Bastien (5/5)

The packaging of this product is the first of it's kind. There are 4 mini hand creams in a very smart silver tin with Bastien's logo on. The great advantage is that the hand creams can be opened one at a time so the product remains fresh (rather than opening a large tube and it lingering for months).


Round Body Brush, The Body Shop (2/5)

Dry brushing is important to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. It also helps lymph drainage and is good for the circulation.


Bee Venom Mask , Heaven by Deborah Mitchell (5/5)

This wonder pot of a mask has a strange smell, it’s list of ingredients resembles the list of an apothecary’s shelf some notable ingredients include: bee venom, Manuka honey, tea tree oil, rose extract oil, lavender and silica.


Relaxing Body Wash, La Source, Crabtree & Evelyn (5/5)

A one stop body cleanser and moisturizer for the shower (or bath). I absolutely love this scent, definitely for the female only it does smell floral and lifts the senses. I had this in my hospital bag for all four pregnancies and I think that has given me a huge emotional attachment to this scent.


Listerine Zero (4/5)

I have highlighted this one because it does not contain alcohol and the taste doesn’t sting the mouth. It provides a final clean and reduces plaque, also freshens the breath.


Collagen, Linda Meredith (5/5)

My favourite collagen serum. It is light, clear and non-sticky, hence it spreads finely and easily over the face and neck.


Pro-Collagen Serum Amplifier, Epicuren Discovery (4/5)

Epicuren’s answer to an age-defying serum. This serum is more like a light soft cream.


O Mega Body Buff, Mamma Mio (5/5)

This is a great exfoliant for the body. It contains micro-ground pumice, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E. The tiny granules are plentiful so the exfoliating can be fast and easy. The consistency is just right, not too liquid and slippery, but not too dry and granular. It advises on the product to use before the shower for optimum effect.


Paparazzi Don’t Preach, Nicole by OPI (3/5)

This colour is great, it reminded me of a Hard Candy colour I used about 15 years ago, when candy floss pastels with block colouring were ‘in’. I saw an episode of Revenge with Emily Van Camp and the character who plays Madeline Stowe’s daughter was wearing a jade green dress, plum lip gloss and a cream butter colour with a hint of peach, delicate but full block over the nail – not see through.


Kiss the Bride, Orly nail lacquer (1/5)

I am always looking out for the perfect French manicure colour, ever since mademoiselle by Essie became thinner I have been searching for an alternative. I tried Orly for the first time. This colour ‘kiss the bride’ looked just right. I tried it over white tips and without to see what coverage it gave. It was most disappointing, the colour was streaky, therefore required three coats before it looked half decent.


Relaxing Yuan Zhi, Bath & Shower, Molton Brown (4/5)

This is a favourite shower gel in our household. It is deep purple in colour and the scent is fabulous, making it unisex (not frilly and rosy, women only)!


Shampoo Repairing Dry and Damaged Hair, L’Occitane (3/5)

This shampoo contains 5 essential oils (ylang ylang, lavender, geranium, angelica, sweet orange) the combination of which results in a lovely smell. It gently lathers up and is recommended for two shampoos, leaving the last one in for one to two minutes.


StarBlue Men's and Boy's Swim Shorts (5/5)

This new brand of swimshorts is really super. The styles vary are some are similar to vilbrequin without the high price tag. Dads and sons can have matching patterns!


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Guerlain Noir Noir Mascara (5/5)

My favourite mascara so far. This elegant looking smooth lined gold case has a mascara wand at both ends. It is double ended! You get two for one. What is fantastic about this is the short wand is more delicate and perfect for lower lashes and for flicking out the end corner lashes or upper lid.


Lucky Legs, Mama Mio (5/5)

A light serum feeling lotion for legs and feet, bringing relief from water retention and fatigue. The scent is lovely and fresh containing spearmint (refreshing, smells clean – good for smelly feet), chamomile (reduces swelling, calming, – after a day on your feet), aloe vera (nourishing for the skin) and other natural ingredients including a mild antibacterial tonic.


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Lotion Tonique Invigorating Mist (for dry skin) Yonka (5/5)

I use this toning mist as my regular toner, morning and night. The perfect partner with my Lait nettoyant (Yonka cleanser) It is a light spray with a lifting fresh scent. Alcohol free.


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Lait Nettoyant Cleansing Milk, Yonka (5/5)

A soft pale blue, mildly scented cleansing milk. Like its partner, Lotion (toner) I have used this for ten years and my skin has not tired of it.


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MultiplEYE liquid eyeliner, Tarte (4/5)

This is a new brand of make up I recently discovered. I bought the liquid eyeliner by default as I didn't have time to find a Mac store and I really like the Mac eyeliner pen.


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Concealer FX (3/5)

Comes in a little tube and could be applied with a finger tip if on-the-go, but ideally with a concealer brush.


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Orange Flower Cell Renewal, Heaven Skincare (5/5)

This is a super toner, it is fresh, scented but not too sweet. After cleansing or shower, this toner has an easy to use pump top and doesn't get fully absorbed by cotton wool immediately.


Rejuvenating Eye Remedy, Shiffa (3/5)

This middle eastern brand is becoming more and more popular. I was recently recommended this eye cream by a facialist in LA who said in her experience it was the best eye cream she has come across.


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Yonka Advanced Optimizer Serum (4/5)

This serum gets absorbed quickly, without leaving an oily layer on the face.  I like this quality in a serum.


Yonka Advanced Optimizer Crème (4/5)

This is the cream moisturiser, ideally to pair with the Yonka serum.  The scent compliments the serum and I appreciate it every time I use it. For morning this does also absorb well into the skin....


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South Beach diet SNACK BARS Whipped Peanut Butter (4/5)

I have tried the Whipped Peanut Butter flavour which contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners. I never go for chocolate snack bars even if they say low calorie, I am always suspicious of what has happened to the chocolate to make it low calorie, cocoa and sugar are cocoa and sugar after all.


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COVER FX (5/5)

When I had my make up done for the Good Day LA morning show, I was introduced to a new foundation and powder. Both in compact form with SPF factors, always one to try new products, I was impressed at the natural look achieved, with good coverage.


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Nuance Moisturizing Day Cream by Salma Hayek (4/5)

This is a face cream with SPF30 which is always handy when you forget to put on regular sunscreen, it will provide some cover.


Body Shop Peppermint Foot Balm (3/5)

The Body Shop can always be relied upon for environmentally friendly products and good value too.


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Butter Nail Fertiliser (4/5)

Butter is from London but I have only come across the product in the States so far. A popular brand at spas in Los Angeles. I have been pleased with this base coat. It is a super name for an undercoat!


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MIH Jeans: The Corky, High Rise Vintage Flare (5/5)

I bought these in America but to my surprise the brand is from London – Lots Road, Chelsea! They are really super jeans for ladies with a little tummy left over from pregnancy.


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Mastey SuperPac Intensive Reconstructor (5/5)

This is the best conditioning treatment that I have tried on my hair ends to date. It is simple and easy to use, one doesn't need a shower cap and thirty minutes dripping 'goo' off ones locks.


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Hampton Sun SPF 15 Gel (3/5)

I enjoyed this sun product, it is a silky clear spray and feels like you're oiling your skin, but in a much lighter way and without being sticky.


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Lancaster Global Protection Cellular Support SPF 30 (3/5)

I approve of all brands a bright orange colouring on, because I link them to sunny weather and they are easy to find in the depths of a beach or handbag.


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Linda Meredith Vtox (5/5)

The nearest thing to Botox in a pot.


Dr Brandt Laser in a Bottle (4/5)

I applied this AM and PM until the bottle ran out.


Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion (5/5)

The sea island cotton hand lotion has such a lovely scent, mix a summers day at the seaside with fresh linen.


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Soap & Glory Scrub Actually (3/5)

This scrub is granulated enough for one to feel a difference,the granules are in a jelly-like 'gloop'.


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Silky Foot Talcum Powder Cool Veil by Reverence De Bastien (4/5)

This silky talcum powder is refreshing for feet and enriched with kaolin


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Celeste, Leg Shimmer Dry Oil by Reverence de Bastien (4/5)

For summer legs or in the evening when no tights are needed


Philip Kinglsey Flaky Itchy Shampoo & Conditioner (5/5)

This shampoo has won awards. I used it first on prescription from Philip and now it is available on his website.


Posted under Conditioner, Flaky, Hair, Shampoo

Amazon by Linda Meredith (5/5)

This is the most amazing cream, it’s texture is more like a silky paste and it is best for night time healing and rejuvenating.


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La Tweez (5/5)

Pro Illuminating tweezers, these are brilliant tweezers, they come with a little lipstick style cartridge case which includes a mirror


Posted under Beauty Tools, Eyebrows, Tweezers

Space NK Seaweed Crystals (4/5)

As soon as the lid comes off you are taken to the seashore, that wonderful fresh marine scent is captured perfectly.


Posted under Bath & Shower, Shower

4head stick (4/5)

A cooling fine gel that you can roll gently on the temples or forehead, behind the ears, pressure points


Posted under 4Head, Cold, Everything Else!

Vaseline (5/5)

What a great invention, good for so many things.


Posted under Skincare, Vaseline

Lierac Body Peel (2/5)

Milky serum to help rid body of dead skin. I didn’t find it strong enough for cellulite


Posted under Bath & Shower, Peel, Skincare

Vitamin E Oil (5/5)

Superb for the skin, low cost, easy to find at a drugstore/chemist. I use vitamin E oil on any scar dry patch of skin.


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Almond Oil (5/5)

Fantastic for hair, low cost available from any pharmacy/drugstore or even some grocery stores.


Posted under Hair, Hair

Hair Powder Bumble and Bumble (4/5)

This is a talcum powder basically for greasy hair.


Posted under Greasy Hair, Hair

Jo Hansford Protect and Shine Leave-in conditioner (4/5)

The best leave-in conditioner I have found so far.


Posted under Conditioner, Hair

Finishing Serum by Dessange (3/5)

For split ends this is a sticky serum that looks like it glues the split ends together.


Posted under Hair, Split Ends

Echinaforce from A.Vogel (5/5)

In adult and child form I keep these bottles of echinacea in the kitchen, bathroom and travel bag.


Posted under Colds, Diet & Nutrition

Spa Ritual Nail Varnish Base Coats (3/5)

This brand is vegan, free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde which makes it the closest polish to organic I suppose.


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ESSIE Nail Varnish Colour Adore-a-Ball (4/5)

This hasn’t thinned out yet – so ESSIE please don’t!


ESSIE Nail Varnish Colour Mademoiselle (1/5)

This brand has changed ownership. My favourite colour unfortunately appears to have been thinned down.


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