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Publication date: 5th June, 2012

Body Back. The mother's handbook to medical, physical and emotional well-being. By Heather Porter

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About Heather

Mother of four, Heather Porter shares her hands-on experience of getting your old self back. With her team of experts, she provides an understanding approach and addresses all the issues you wanted to know about but were too afraid to ask.


Tried & Tested

I have always been interested in health and beauty, hence why I have written BODY BACK.

For years I have kept notes and comments on products I have liked, found worked (and still use) or have been a total waste of time and money! I am continually searching for medical and alternative health cures, nutritious secrets, clothes that compliment the figure, and of course the anti-aging miracle.

Welcome to TRIED & TESTED


Sea Island Cotton Hand Wash, Bath & Body Works (5/5)

This product has a light delicate scent of fresh linen hanging out in a sea breeze, sounds corny but its true! The title is accurately descriptive. The wash is a clear liquid that gently foams.


Nutri-Protect Mains by Yonka (4/5)

This is a new hand cream and really rather nice. It is a non-oily formula which absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Ingredients include shea butter and grape seed oil with vitamins A, C and E. Essential oils including mandarin and magnolia are nourishing and give a delicate scent.


Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment, The Body Shop (3/5)

This is a nice hand cream, the vitamin E content provides healthy moisturizing for the skin. The Shea butter may be the ingredient that makes this cream a bit too greasy for my liking.


Graceful Hands Delight, Reverence de Bastien (5/5)

The packaging of this product is the first of it's kind. There are 4 mini hand creams in a very smart silver tin with Bastien's logo on. The great advantage is that the hand creams can be opened one at a time so the product remains fresh (rather than opening a large tube and it lingering for months).


Body Shop Peppermint Foot Balm (3/5)

The Body Shop can always be relied upon for environmentally friendly products and good value too.


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Butter Nail Fertiliser (4/5)

Butter is from London but I have only come across the product in the States so far. A popular brand at spas in Los Angeles. I have been pleased with this base coat. It is a super name for an undercoat!


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Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion (5/5)

The sea island cotton hand lotion has such a lovely scent, mix a summers day at the seaside with fresh linen.


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ESSIE Nail Varnish Colour Adore-a-Ball (4/5)

This hasn’t thinned out yet – so ESSIE please don’t!



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