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Publication date: 5th June, 2012

Body Back. The mother's handbook to medical, physical and emotional well-being. By Heather Porter

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About Heather

Mother of four, Heather Porter shares her hands-on experience of getting your old self back. With her team of experts, she provides an understanding approach and addresses all the issues you wanted to know about but were too afraid to ask.


Tried & Tested

I have always been interested in health and beauty, hence why I have written BODY BACK.

For years I have kept notes and comments on products I have liked, found worked (and still use) or have been a total waste of time and money! I am continually searching for medical and alternative health cures, nutritious secrets, clothes that compliment the figure, and of course the anti-aging miracle.

Welcome to TRIED & TESTED


Mineral Body Lotion by Ahaha (5/5)

My Mother bought this for me and although it could be used as a body lotion, I love it as a hand cream. I use it every night and it lives on my bedside table (until it runs out).


Cellular Softening & Balancing Lotion by La Prairie (3/5)

The scent of this is heavenly and it is a pretty pink tonic colour in a solid glass bottle. The look works and the toner is refreshing. It needs to be used with cotton wool and I actually prefer toning sprays. They add more hydration.


Gaylia Kristensen Heaven Hydrating Facial Mist (3/5)

The packaging is smart and this mist is in a silver canister with pump top, simple design and elegant to keep by the sink.


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Gaylia Kristensen White Magic Anti-aging Brightening Serum (2/5)

This is an Australian brand and I found it in Sydney, it seems to be popular in some of the spas so I tried a couple of products within the range. This serum did not impress me particularly.


Hydralia, Yonka (5/5)

Another great ’serum' by Yonka, this one replaces the dermal range. I used Dermol 2 all the time and was disappointed that they stopped making it, however Hydralia is almost identical. It is described by Yonka as a concentrate rather than a serum but it would be used at the same time, under moisturiser as a good first base on a freshly toned face.


Multi Defense Daily Moisturiser SPF42, Positively Ageless, Aveeno 5/5

This range is great. Cost effective, bought from drugstores across the USA. Nice packaging it doesn't look cheap even through it is good value for money. I saw this recommended in a magazine and tried it myself.


Advanced Protective Shield Moisturiser SPF40, Trish McEvoy (2/5)

This may be a UVA/UVB oil-free sunscreen moisturiser from a top make up brand, but it is far too runny in consistency to be a permanent occupier of space in my bathroom cabinet. I will not be replenishing this stock!


Scrub your nose in it, Soap & Glory (2/5)

This range in Boots is affordable and well designed. I like the 1940s style packaging and quirky names. There are other products within this brand that I rate more highly than this one.


Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Lierac (1/5)

This is a gel, I bought it by mistake because I love their liquid eye make up remover. I was a bit disappointed that I had bought the wrong item and I didn't see the 'soothing floral gelee' on the front.


Boob Tube Bust and Neck Firmer, Mama Mio (3/5)

Creams that promise bust lifting have to live up to big statements so I am always reticent at trying them. This white cream comes out of its pump top thickly, but feels mousse-like without the fluff, hard to describe but the texture is lovely.


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Skin Tight Toning Serum, Mama Mio (5/5)

I love Mama Mio's quirky slogans the brand feels exactly what us women think and need. 'Think juicy grape not wrinkly raisin'! This lift,tighten and tone lightweight gel is easily applied but does leave a fine serum on the skin. This does give the appearance of a smoother texture on the skin so I have used the product on a regular basis to test whether it is just a visual improvement when the serum is actually on the skin, or a lasting one when it is washed off.


ESPA Lift & Firm Moisturiser (2/5)

I like the ESPA brand and some of their products are superb. ESPAs body care and body oil ranges are what they are famous for. Skin care I still haven't found a 5 * product. This is an average facial moisturiser but expensive so not really worth the money, I feel.


Nutri-Protect Mains by Yonka (4/5)

This is a new hand cream and really rather nice. It is a non-oily formula which absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Ingredients include shea butter and grape seed oil with vitamins A, C and E. Essential oils including mandarin and magnolia are nourishing and give a delicate scent.


Colostrum Hydrating Mist by Epicuren (1/5)

I thought I would try this toning mist because I was told it was really refreshing and replenishing for the skin. I can't say I noticed an improvement above any of the other toning products I have tried, nor was it particularly pleasant to use.


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Hawaiian Mask by Nohea Natural (5/5)

This product is absolutely superb. After the very first time I tried it I saw an improvement in my skin tone. I used it for a second time just two days later and my face look so fresh and glowing, and more youthful. There is magic in this face mask. The ingredient is 100% pure Hawaiian Arabica Berry Extract (coffee arabica) and is made in Hawaii at it's source. The mask improves skin tone and texture, also healing the skin at the same time. This is such a boost for the skin, I have never seen such a beneficial result from any other mask to date.


Collagen, Linda Meredith (5/5)

My favourite collagen serum. It is light, clear and non-sticky, hence it spreads finely and easily over the face and neck.


Pro-Collagen Serum Amplifier, Epicuren Discovery (4/5)

Epicuren’s answer to an age-defying serum. This serum is more like a light soft cream.


O Mega Body Buff, Mamma Mio (5/5)

This is a great exfoliant for the body. It contains micro-ground pumice, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E. The tiny granules are plentiful so the exfoliating can be fast and easy. The consistency is just right, not too liquid and slippery, but not too dry and granular. It advises on the product to use before the shower for optimum effect.


Lucky Legs, Mama Mio (5/5)

A light serum feeling lotion for legs and feet, bringing relief from water retention and fatigue. The scent is lovely and fresh containing spearmint (refreshing, smells clean – good for smelly feet), chamomile (reduces swelling, calming, – after a day on your feet), aloe vera (nourishing for the skin) and other natural ingredients including a mild antibacterial tonic.


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Lotion Tonique Invigorating Mist (for dry skin) Yonka (5/5)

I use this toning mist as my regular toner, morning and night. The perfect partner with my Lait nettoyant (Yonka cleanser) It is a light spray with a lifting fresh scent. Alcohol free.


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Orange Flower Cell Renewal, Heaven Skincare (5/5)

This is a super toner, it is fresh, scented but not too sweet. After cleansing or shower, this toner has an easy to use pump top and doesn't get fully absorbed by cotton wool immediately.


Nuance Moisturizing Day Cream by Salma Hayek (4/5)

This is a face cream with SPF30 which is always handy when you forget to put on regular sunscreen, it will provide some cover.


Dr Brandt Laser in a Bottle (4/5)

I applied this AM and PM until the bottle ran out.



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