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Publication date: 5th June, 2012

Body Back. The mother's handbook to medical, physical and emotional well-being. By Heather Porter

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About Heather

Mother of four, Heather Porter shares her hands-on experience of getting your old self back. With her team of experts, she provides an understanding approach and addresses all the issues you wanted to know about but were too afraid to ask.


All about Food

Understanding food groups, what your body really needs and what it doesn't, is key to adjusting your weight and improving your health and well-being. Nutritional products and herbs may help the liver to do its job but the ultimate burden of processing what we eat comes down to our diet, a number of chemicals and our levels of anxiety. Healthy consumption is all about knowing which foods to choose and self-discipline.

How super would it be if we could overcome our internal nagging? 'I must go on a diet' or 'my diet starts tomorrow'? Well you can. Diets disturb our metabolism and ultimately end up making us fat. The second we stray from a diet the weight returns and often increases from where we started. The goal is to maintain a suitable weight for your body rather than go up and down, so stay away from the 'elastic band' effect. Re-educate yourself so you can be more in tune with your body, learn to understand the correct signals and you can achieve a stable weight that is right for your body.


Incorporating a new eating regime into your life will take time and patience. There is no legal time limit! Why race to get your Body Back? What do you feel is externally expected of you by your partner, society or workplace? Are you seeking accreditation from friends or rivals?
Heather Porter

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